Welcome Back Mcfly

I realized I haven't posted in awhile. You know those days, weeks, and months when you're so uninspired that when you have the time to write you find yourself sitting in front of the TV binge watching all of Peaky Blinders and The Crown? That was my December and most of my January so far.... Continue Reading →


Space – The Final Frontier

Today I decided to write something about a subject that I’m super passionate about, and love gaining new knowledge daily. You guessed it – Space. The Final Frontier. Everything about space has always captivated me. From travelling to the moon, terraforming Mars, how Voyager 1 & 2 are now in interstellar space, to things we... Continue Reading →

Happy Hump-Day!

  We all made it to the middle of the week, so give yourself a pat on the back. It's mornings like this, when the rain is falling softly on the trees outside and the crisp winter air is keeping me bundled up in the sheets, when I really just want to just stay in... Continue Reading →

My Favourite Winter Sweaters

Now that it's full fledged winter time here in Vancouver, I thought I'd write a post sharing my favourite winter sweaters. Now before you look at them, I'll just give a disclaimer - yes they're all from Aritzia. Yes, I do shop at other places, but there is only one other sweater I love that's... Continue Reading →

The Year of the Wedding

Ok so this blog post may be a little longer than most. I've finally organized all the photos from the wedding, and the dress shopping, and the decor making, and everything else that we took a year and 5 months to get together. I know we all wait for those professional photos that take your... Continue Reading →

Blade Runner 2049

Some Spoilers Below I went into this film with some pretty high expectations - I can tell you with confidence they were all greatly exceeded. Denis Villeneuve, you went above and beyond. In the first minute of the movie, I could tell from the hauntingly beautiful visuals to the daunting original score (Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch), this... Continue Reading →

Book Club # 1

Well I hosted my first book club over the weekend and I dare say it was a success. My husband decided to lend a hand as he is the expert on hosting, and made a beautiful Charcuterie board for my fellow book clubbers and I. Everyone was nice enough to bring a little dish and... Continue Reading →

Sunday Nights

My favourite times are Sunday nights in the fall. I know that sounds absolutely sadistic, what kind of women enjoys the impending doom of 5 am Monday morning followed by a full week of work!? Well Sunday evenings in the fall are when I feel most relaxed, cozy, and just want to play a competitive... Continue Reading →

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